Gurudev's mangala murthy at Mani Mandapam

A murthy (vigraham) was brought and installed at Mani Mandapam, during the time of Swami's living at Thapovanam. The murthy in a sitting posture, the right palm lifted denoting the chinmudra and the left palm holding the "Sri Kosams". South facing, it is the embodiment of Dakshinamurthi and a perfect interpretation of the teaching by silence, profoundly potent in its meaning. The sastras declare that God manifests Himself in the murthy form to bless His devotees. Swami has consecrated the murthy by his touch, investing it with his spiritual power. Devotees get an impression looking at the vigraha that it is the Swami himself who is seated in readiness to shower his grace and love on the devotees. As Swami once declared, seating behind the vigraha that devotees can put forth their "prarthana's" in future before the murthy, as is being done directly to Swami now.

On all important occasions, the Swami would sit in the Manimandapa, a little ahead of the idol to enable the throng of devotees to perform the paduka puja, thus surcharging the atmosphere with a still and intense spiritual feeling. Devotees coming to the Ashram would make their pranams to the idol and place their offerings before it in prayerful worship. To the ardent devotee, it is the gateway to the blessed Essence of things.

It is the firm belief of the devotees that the Swami has consecrated and invested his vigraha with all his matchless qualities and spiritual power so that his devotees could continue to offer worship to the vigraha (which is more than the swami himself), when Swami cast away his physical body. It is beyond doubt devotee's prayers and calls for succor are answered when they worship it in all humility, in a state of "absolute surrender".

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