The Ashram
The Ashram established at Thapovanam by Swami is a special one, managed by Swami himself in a special way. While he insisted on discipline, austerity and devotional fervour, he did not run the ashram according to the popular notions of the organisation of Ashrams. There was freedom from regulations and rules in his presence. True love, purity and total surrender surcharged the atmosphere in the Ashram. Everybody in the Ashram dedicated themselves to "Bhakti" towards their Guru (Swami).

In order to carry on the activities at Thapovanam as hitherto being done in the immediate very presence of Swami, two trusts were created and is being managed by a Board of Trustees. While "G.Thapovanam Sri Gnanananda Trust" is a charitable Trust, predominantly involved in Charitable activities including that of poor feeding etc., poojas are performed under the umbrella of Sadguru Sri Gnananda Giri Memorial Trust. Devotees desirous of offering their donations to the lotus feet of Swai Gnananandagiri, may do so by way of donations to the "G.Thapovanam Sri Gnannanda Trust". Donations to this trust is exempt u/s 80 G of the Income-tax act, 1961. Devotees desirous of performing various poojas can send remittance on the name of Sri Gnananandagiri Memorial Trust.

All remittances to Thapovanam can be sent by way of Money order (addressed to the President/Secretary) or by way of Demand Draft payable at Tirukovilur, drawn on either of the Trust name for respective purposes mentioned above.

Devotees desirous of offering donations or performing poojas are welcome to Thapovanam and are requested to contact the Trust office at Thapovanam for stay and other arragements. Contact over phone can be made between 6.00 am to 11.00 am and between 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm. All communications may be addressed to

The President / Secretary
Sadguru Swami Sri Gnanananda Giri Memorial Trust
Thapovanam Post - 605 756
Villupuram Dist, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone : +91-4153-224214
E-mail :

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