The Great Master - "Karunamurthy" at Thapovanam
The Swami was a Guru "par excellence". He demonstrated that a guru's love is more than a father's or mother's. There could be something inadequate in other human relationships. But with Guru, there can be no distortion. He was a true example of a "Great Gnani and Jivanmukta". He was a Brahma Rishi in the authentic tradition of India, an intensely human and compassionate soul whose love for the suffering humanity was supreme. The swami would melt in love for the suffering humanity and do everything in his power to mitigate pain, assuage grief, comfort, the afflicted and wipe away the tears, wherever he found them. The Swami would not ignore human suffering as merely a part of the illusory universe, but treat it with creative love which is the true attribute of life eternal. The swami laid great emphasis on "dana", charity, more particularly "anna dana" (offer of food). All important functions at the ashram usually concluded with the feeding of the poor.

Any description of the swami cannot fail to take note of his treatment of his disciples which were unmistakably that of a siddhapurusha. The swami's way of moving with people, canopied with unbroken gentleness, his way of dealing with devotees, was astute. A unique aspect of the Swami's spontaneous affection for all was his abounding hospitality. The Swami would look at the devotee with eyes full of tenderness and love and this alone was enough to win the heart of the devotee. The swami was a "thrikalagnani"(one who could apprehend past, present and future times) and with his divine intuition, indeed, saved many from potential disasters. The swami never bothered about the status of a person. The swami had very nice way of deflating people's ego, so that the self may be renounced. Indeed there is no other way of describing the personality of the swami than by calling Him a "Paramananda Vigraham".

Swami's simplicity, sweet amiability and his knack of being at home with everyone he talked to, be he a saint or sinner, merits special mention. Any one meeting him for the first time would feel completely at ease. All devotees found in swami a real refuge from the tragedies and disappointments of life. On association with Swami, one would be drawn to absolute conviction that Swami would always be watchful of their welfare, and that all one needs to do is just practice "absolute surrender". A gesture from the Swami, a kind enquiry, a smile would leave them spell bound and dissolve all their discomforts. Devotee's of Swami Gnanananda basked in the sunshine of Swami's grace and filled themselves with his overwhelming mercy. Swami drew all his devotees to his fold by his grace and awakened in them an intense desire for the life of the spirit. To all of them, he was a true "Karunamurthy". To conclude simply, "He was God and man in one".

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