We try our best to provide accommodation however, allotment of rooms are subject to availability on that particular day/period of stay. Devotees are advised to call in advance and make a request

  • The daily Gho Pooja start at 4.30 am followed by the rest of the poojas
  • Ganapathy Homam starts around 6.15 am followed by Padha Pooja and Adhistanam
  • The evening poojas start with the Pooja at Manimandapam at 5.00 pm

At present you can remit the amount only in Indian Currency.

While we do our best to accommodate all Pooja booking requests, We request devotees to book Poojas atleast 2 days in advance (48 hrs).

Yes, it is possible to book poojas and donation in the name of another person or company.

  • Please check that the details such as name, nakshathiram are correct. Once the Poojas are booked, we will not be able to change.
  • Please check and correct the address if required, as the Prasadam will be sent to this address.
  • On successful completion, a confirmation is sent to the registered mobile as well as your registered email address.

Once a Pooja is booked, it cannot be changed. You can always make an additional request for the new date.

You can check out the daily poojas at http://www.gnanananda.org/dailyprogramme.html and events page at http://www.gnanananda.org/festivals.html for the Aradhana details.

  • Some of the Poojas performed at Thapovanam are not listed for direct booking online, however listed in the Daily or Aradhana Pooja List(for example, Guru Peyarchi or Sashti Abhishekam)
  • You can:
    1. either book them in person as always or
    2. send a detailed mail to poojas@gnanananda.org with the Name of the person in whose name the pooja is to be performed, His/her/their Natchathiram/ Gothram (Optional) Pooja is required to be performed and date and day of the pooja.
    3. On receipt of the email a text message(SMS) and a confirmation email will be sent to your Registered Mobile Number/ Registered e mail for having booked the poojas and the amount may be sent through post/speed post by way of a cheque/draft.
  • The amount for Goshala, Abhisheka Dhraviyams, Vasthrams for Swami cannot be remitted through online at present. However, this can be done in-person or via cheque.
  • If you want to donate for these activities please send an email to office@gnanananda.org and send the amount by means of a draft/cheque by post/speed post. (As most of the courier companies are either not delivering or delivering very late we suggest that speed post may be utilised for sending the drafts/cheques)
  • Please complete booking of Poojas and make payment.
  • Follow the Donation link (available both on devotee page and on the upper side of the screen) and donate.

The Pooja booked details / donation details page will contain information about all pooja or donation transactions. To view and print the receipt of the pooja / donation click the receipt link (next to amount column) wherein all the details about the donation (in the name of, donation type, amount, and date) / pooja (in the name of, poojas booked and pooja dates) will be available.

Yes, the online donations are also eligible for 80G exemptions. While the receipt itself contains the legend, the certificate is also available for download on the “Donation Details” page.

Please email to onlinesupport@gnanananda.org for help with the website or Pooja or Donation booking.

For the Kind Attention of Devotees

Tamilnadu Government, on April 8th, 2021, announced the cancellation of Thiruvizahkal and congregation of devotees. In view of this order, this year Chitra Purnima festival falling on April 26th, will be celebrated at Ashram with a minimal number of Devotees.

Devotees are requested to call the ashram office to pre-book their poojas and stay at the ashram. To prevent the spread of the Covid virus through the asymptomatic public, it has been decided to restrict the number of Devotees visiting Thapovanam for some time. Hence, pre-booking is a necessity.

Please call at least two days ahead of time to book your stay at Ashram. Please travel to Thapovanam only after obtaining due permission from the office.We request devotees to abide by the rules and regulations in the SOP.

Office Mobile: 75983 65175, 75983 75175